DJ and radio automation for Mac.

The easy to use music mixer, broadcaster and scheduler.

MegaSeg Pro 6 ›

For full media control on your Mac, MegaSeg Pro 6 delivers the tools. Mix audio and video with on‐the‐fly beat matching, trigger sound effects with hot keys, display continuous ambient video, and note requests with pop-up reminders. Set events to automatically start playlists and insert ads. Use elegant category rotations with rules to enforce proper track separations. Color code and customize your library with many display options, network sync between systems, view play history charts, and more.

MegaSeg DJ 6 ›

All the core essentials for mobile and club DJs. With fast access and elegant management of any media library, including iTunes playlists, real-time waveforms for visual beat syncing via multitouch gestures, large album art views, powerful Automatic Volume Control, compatibility with virtually any audio and MIDI devices, and much more in one slick, easy to use interface.

User Buzz

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“MegaSeg breaks the mold on what a DJ program should be.”
– W. Guy Finley
“MegaSeg’s interface is well thought out, direct and elegant.”
– Charlie Wilson
“From the way it looks to how it performs, MegaSeg is brilliant. It puts PC apps to shame.”
– Matthew Webb
“It’s undoubtedly the best system I have worked with.”
– Darren Cave
“MegaSeg saved my DJ life.”
– Mike Early
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