The Advanced DJ Mixer for Mac

The Mix Must Flow.

Key DJ Features
  • Wave View Beat Syncing
  • iTunes Store and Apple Music Compatible
  • Plays protected audio
  • Superior stability
  • Multi‐channel outputs
  • Video playback
  • Auto or manual controls
  • Fully MIDI compatible
  • Track logging and reports
  • Easy to use interface
  • And much more…
“MegaSeg is simplicity in form and function. Its main interface is uncomplicated and intuitive. The features in MegaSeg make this software sing… a great buy.”
“MegaSeg is a great music mixing program for the Mac that is of excellent value. Home users will find MegaSeg a great way to access, listen and enjoy an extensive personal musical library beyond the limits of iTunes.”
MacUser 4.5 out of 5 Mice
“MegaSeg is a well‐designed, stable application that has flourished with maturity. The interface tweaks make using it more responsive and informative.”
“4 out of 5 Mice – Way beyond the playback capabilities of itunes. The great thing is that MegaSeg can play protected AAC files purchased from the iTunes Store… The feature set is nothing short of stupendous.”
—Mac Guild
MegaSeg DJ Screenshot

MegaSeg DJ 6 for Mac offers all the core mixing features you need plus lots of extras. It combines fast access and elegant management of any media library, including integrated iTunes and Apple Music playlists, with features designed for party, club, and mobile DJs. MegaSeg DJ delivers the tools.

New Version 6

We’ve added support for macOS Sierra, featuring a beautifully redesigned interface with razor-sharp Retina graphics, smart volume sensing for auto-trimmed segues, improved Playlist Browser with many sort and display modes, full track waveforms and loops with draggable in/out points, stylish album art progress rings keep you alert on remaining time, integrated list searches with options to target specific fields, support for Apple Music, and much more!

MegaSeg Mixer Screenshot

Mix It Up

MegaSeg’s real‐time beat match features allows you to mix with automatic or manual cross‐fades. Match tempos with one click while you maintain full control of the mix.

Streamlined Setup

Imagine yourself free from carting around extra gear. With only MegaSeg, a MacBook, and powered speakers, you have a complete compact system with instant access to your entire music library.


Preview Power

MegaSeg supports multiple outputs to preview and cue tracks. With a USB, Bluetooth, or AirPlay audio interface, you can cue in your headphones (no mixer required) and always stay on beat.

Teamwork: Library & Playlist

MegaSeg has a large display area to view your library and playlists at the same time. This allows you to excel at tweaking your playlist on‐the‐fly. With full keyboard and mouse control, it’s easy and intuitive to use.

UNIX-based macOS

Rock Steady

System stability is key, and MegaSeg DJ is built from the ground up to work exclusively on macOS — a powerful and stable UNIX‐based system. Our users praise MegaSeg’s rock solid performance, intuitive features, and clean design.

Expand Your DJ Business

You can inexpensively add more MegaSeg systems to your growing DJ business, and double or triple book. Your entire crew can benefit from the same well‐tuned library, complete with perfect pre‐set segues. With MegaSeg, all your DJs can perform smooth and consistent quality gigs.

Go Pro

Want more power? The Pro edition adds HD video playback for VJs and many advanced features. Customize the interface like no other with a robust set of color coding and library display options. Automatically generate playlists with event triggers, set rules for artist separation, note requests with reminders, and much more! Compare Features ▸

MacBook Pro

Try a Mac

Visit your local Apple Store and download the MegaSeg demo for a test spin. You’ll discover with MegaSeg on a Mac, you’ll have less technical problems and better productivity, plus they’re less expensive to own over time. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are perfect DJ systems.

“It’s undoubtedly the best system I have worked with.”
– Darren Cave
“MegaSeg breaks the mold on what a DJ program should be.”
– W. Guy Finley
“MegaSeg’s interface is well thought out, direct and elegant.”
– Charlie Wilson
“From the way it looks to how it performs, MegaSeg is brilliant. It puts PC apps to shame.”
– Matthew Webb
“MegaSeg saved my DJ life.”
– Mike Early

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