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Dual Decks with Real-Time Waveforms
Visual Multitouch Trackpad Beat Syncing and Cue Scrubbing
Cue and Preview via AirPlay, Bluetooth, or USB audio
iTunes Store Compatible
Pitch/Key Lock (aka master-tempo)
Hardware Controllable (MIDI-learn, custom presets)
Easy to use design (built for Mac)
Automatic Volume Control and Sound Check
Assign multiple category tags per track
Works with huge libraries
Ultra Fast Search Engine
Auto Crossfades or Full Manual Control
Built-in iTunes view and drag-and-drop from iTunes
Precision BPM Tapper
Category Browser (with boolean logic)
Playlist Logs (multi-day play history)
Album Artwork Progress Rings
Automatic Segue Trimming (smart volume sensing)
Library “cued marks” when tracks are added to the playlist
EQ and Full Sweep Filters
Calculate BPM matches from opposite deck
Powerful 3x Gain Controls
Opens & saves safe document-based playlists
Fully Unicode Compliant
Apple Remote and Media Key Remote Controllable
Full-range pitch slider (+/- 100%) with smooth return
Export–Import Library to spreadsheet or text
Full Waveform Overviews and with memory cue points
Loop editing with draggable in/out points
Print or save PDFs of your Library and Playlists
Segue/Advance buttons to auto mix the next track instantly
Edit metadata with multi-select tag and rename
Discrete outputs for mixers or dedicated headphones
Crossfade speed adjustments
Plays 20+ audio formats (learn more)
Advanced Professional DJ and VJ Features
Automation and Scheduling for Radio, TV, and Business
Full HD Video Playback (discrete video output)
Events to perform track insertions or download podcasts
Mic play-thru with volume ducking
Request List with popup reminder notes
Mini Preview Player (instant preview selected track)
Rules for Title, Artist, Album Separation, and more
Ambient Video Playlist (continuous “eye candy”)
Color Code categories and tracks
Plays most video files (mp4, mov, avi, wmv, and more)
Track Info Overlay options with your own logo.
Hot Keys Triggers for Sound Effects
Playlist editor seamlessly mixes audio and video
Auto-start playlists with interval insert track events
Powerful Playlist Scheduler (music category rotations)
Voice-Over Tracks (back-time voice over song intros)
Library Syncing between multiple MegaSeg systems
Library Tools (show duplicates, tag cleaner, etc.)
Custom Logging (Shoutcast, Icecast, TuneIn)
Live streaming audio playback
Chart a track’s Play History
Restrict a track’s play dates and dayparts
Web control commands
VU meter display option
Compact View (hides the mixer)
Announce Selection (speech synthesis)
Mixer auto-crossfade buttons
Aspect-ratio settings for video
Password protected library (Administration mode)
Global track length and start time (cue-in)
Hide Interface Buttons and other advanced preferences