Get your cue on.

Choice audio interfaces and USB mixers.

Fine-tune your mix with MegaSeg’s ability to cue and preview via USB, FireWire, and AirPlay audio devices. Perfect options for setting up a compact mixer-free system, connecting to an existing mixer, or a USB digital mixer.

icon AudioQuest DragonFly AudioQuest’s DragonFly adds a superb quality sound output to your Mac via the USB port. Winner of Product of the Year awards from almost every HiFi magazine in the world. The DragonFly adds color, texture, body, and soul to your mix. It's also extremely affordable and incredibly portable. Featuring a user-selectable mode for either a variable or fixed output level, sophisticated asynchronous audio data transfer, 24-bit/96kHz capability, and a 64-position analog volume control.

icon Audioengine D1 Audioengine’s D1 is a high‐quality audiophile 24-bit USB audio interface with low jitter. Stream high-quality audio from MegaSeg to your headphones via its high-performance headphone amp, or output to any sound system with RCA analog or optical digital outputs.

icon NuForce Icon uDAC-3 The NuForce Icon uDAC-3 is a high‐performance USB Digital Audio Converter. The quality and versatility belies its tiny size. With its extensive power supply, filtering capabilities, and charge‐pump circuit as a foundation, the uDAC translates data into a two‐volt analog signal. The performance equals or exceeds that of a great many audiophile CD players. It has outputs for analog RCA, digital coaxial, and a high‐powered headphone jack.

icon Radial USB DI Box Radial’s USB-Pro Digital Direct XLR Box makes it easy to connect MegaSeg to a pro PA system. It connects to USB and delivers stereo balanced outputs via the dual XLR connectors. Extra features include a built-in headphone amp to monitor the signal from your Mac using standard earbuds. A variable level control adjusts the output and headphones. And with a mono sum you can quickly mix stereo tracks to one for easy manipulation. Core Audio compatible, no drivers required.

icon Roland Duo-Capture Roland’s Duo-Capture mk2 delivers a unique, slimline design and stable operation in a compact, affordable package. It’s ideal for mobile audio and equipped with two outputs and two inputs, plus dual headphone outs. Fully compatible with Mac Core Audio drivers for premium performance.

icon Behringer UCA202 Behringer’s U‐Control UCA222 is an ultra-compact, USB-powered audio device for connecting your Mac to your mixer or direct to powered speakers. Featuring gold-plated RCA jacks as well as an 1/8th-inch headphone jack with dedicated volume control, S/PDIF digital output option, and stereo line-level inputs.

icon Syba USB Audio Adapter Sabrent’s USB Audio Adapter, is a very cost effective input and output device that matches Apple's aluminum esthetic, and super tiny to boot! Even if you prefer higher-end options, its a good thing to have handy as an inexpensive backup! (A similar device is available from Syba.) icon

icon Griffin iMic The Griffin iMic is a classic, simple, and inexpensive USB audio device with both input and output 1/8th mini-jacks. The iMic will power headphones louder than your Mac’s built‐in output, offering an excellent cueing solution.

icon Gemini SC1 Gemini’s SC1 gives you flexibility and convenience with stereo RCA outputs, 16-bit/48kHZ converters, rotary volume control, and switchable line-level or phono pre-amp inputs for turntables. Plug and play with macOS Core Audio drivers and includes a USB cable.

icon FireStudio Mobile The FireStudio Mobile and icon AudioBox USB from PreSonus are two of the most professional‐quality mobile interface in their class delivering higher‐quality analog to digital converters (Dynamic Range 110dB), and rugged build quality.

icon Scarlett 2i2 Focusrite’s icon Scarlett 2i4, and icon Scarlett 6i6, are amazing 192 kHz, 24-bit conversion USB audio interfaces featuring two RCA stereo outs (4 jacks), or two 1/4-inch stereo outs. For inputs they all feature the award-winning Focusrite preamps, housed in an attractive anodized aluminum unibody chassis. Unique halo signal indicators let you know that you’ve got a good signal level. A large monitor dial provides a tactile volume control. A high quality headphone amp provides a clean yet loud signal.

icon Steinberg UR22 The Steinberg UR22 and icon UR44 highlights Yamaha’s class-leading 24-bit/192 kHz converters, industry-acclaimed D-PRE microphone preamps, and a rock-solid metal housing that’s rugged enough to withstand all the rigors of the road. With a separate headphone jack, and two or four TRS output jacks, these portable interfaces are ready to deliver great-sounding music.

icon XONE:23C The XONE:23C is one of many mixers from Allen & Heath with built-in USB audio. Simply plug-n-play to your Mac, and you have two direct high-quality digital outputs from MegaSeg to the mixer. Features a compact accessible format with renowned analog Voltage Control Filters, frequency sweep and mild-to-wild resonance control. There is also an FX loop to connect to third party FX units, which route back in through the filter system. Xone:23C features 2+2 stereo channels with dual levels for phono and line inputs, allowing four music sources to be connected at the same time in addition to MegaSeg via USB. The main output and mic input are pro balanced XLRs.

icon VMX300USB Behringer’s VMX300USB has three channels with super-smooth ULTRAGLIDE faders and a VCA-controlled crossfader for utmost reliability. The VMX line also features a XPQ stereo surround effect for an unmistakable finishing touch, 3-band kill EQ, and precise level meter per channel. There is also a monitor function with talkover function.

icon Xone:43C The Xone:43C by Allen & Heath is a new compact 4-channel DJ mixer with built-in USB audio interface, designed for DJ’s who want a compact quality mixer with pro features. The ‘X-FX‘ control feature allows signal to be sent to external FX, and combined with the now legendary Xone VCF filter system. Includes 3-band kill-EQ, 2 headphone outputs 1/4-inch and 3.5mm, and VCA Crossfader with curve control.

icon DJM-750 Pioneer’s DJM-750 features professional control layouts, a 24-bit 96kHz USB 2.0 Audio Interface (sound card) with 4 in / 4 out (stereo) channels. Internal 32-bit Floating DSP Processing and 32-bit DAC Output ensure the best possible sound. An ultra-clean mic amp, which can realize a studio console classic low noise level (-126dBu), and high-output headphone amplifier. The feature rich DJM-750 includes the industry’s first Boost Color FX feature in a hardware mixer, which enables users to change the intensity of various effects with the rotation of the built-in effects knob.

icon VMX1000USB The Behringer VMX1000USB is built to connect directly to your Mac and take your music straight into the digital realm. In addition, like the trusty DJ mixers of yore, the VMX features many RCA inputs for mixing in your favorite vinyl cuts or feeding signal from tape or CD players, mic inputs for announcements, an impromptu rap, or any other vocal nuance. The ample 7 channels feature UltraGlide faders with up to 500,000 life cycles and a VCA-controlled crossfader with adjustable curves. The awesome XPQ stereo surround effect will give your mix an unmistakable finishing touch. Each channel has 3-band kill EQ, precise level meters, and the auto-talkover function has separate depth and sensitivity controls. For mammoth bass there is a subwoofer output with adjustable x-over frequency and levels, perfect for putting some extra punch to your dance numbers. You will never run out of connectivity options with the balanced mains and additional zone outputs.

icon XONE:S2 The XONE:S2 from Allen & Heath is a 19-inch rack-mount unit intended for professional installation and mobile use. The mixer delivers four input channels equipped with line and turntable inputs, and a replaceable faceplate for fader or rotary level operation. A USB connection provides stereo input and output to your Mac. Each of the four channel inputs feature -4 to +9dB trims for balancing levels. The Mix Output section features a limiter for for protecting speakers. The Zone Output features automatically muting for alarm tones or messages. Additional features include two mono microphone with ducking and momentary switching, three-band EQ with kill, sub output with frequency adjust. An extra stereo pair of inputs are featured on the front panel for connecting guest DJ gear without having to access the rear connection panel.