All hands on deck.

Select controllers, remotes & input devices.

For that tactile “hands‐on” feel, MegaSeg works with various MIDI controllers, wireless remotes, and input devices. Besides the many built-in presets, virtually any MIDI device can be supported via MegaSeg’s “MIDI Learn Mode” feature.

icon Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Pioneer’s DDJ-SX2 is a 4-channel performance controller with full-sized highly accurate aluminum jog wheels, illuminated cue point markers, amplified balanced mic input, a sound color filter for every channel, and can even function as a stand-alone analog mixer. The controller also delivers clear digital audio via a high precision digital-to-analog converter featuring a low-jitter clock and improved signal-to-noise ratio.

icon VMS5 American Audio’s VMS5 is one of the most comprehensive DJ Controller ever designed for performance minded DJs looking for a solid, all-in-one Midi Controller to control MegaSeg and music from their Mac, plus have option to use the stand alone mixer as a tradition analog mixer with 4 line inputs, 2 Phono inputs and 2 Microphone inputs. In addition, some general features include 4 USB / Analog selectable Midilog (Midi & Analog) channels, gain/treble/mid/bass EQ on all MIDILOG channels.

icon DDJ-SB2 Pioneer’s DDJ-SB2 DDJ-SB2 boasts all popular features from DDJ-SB, and adds some amazing new functions. This controller gives you tactile performance pads and large jog wheels for authentic and dynamic DJ play; Manual filters and dedicated buttons to switch between channels effortlessly, plus a trim knob and level meters to master the input volume, and Pad Trans beat effects will uplift your DJ skills.

Numark NS7 Numark’s NS7 combines a premium mixer with two motorized, adjustable-torque high-resolution turntables, and audiophile-grade audio circuitry to deliver a complete turntablist performance solution. A full complement of premium faders, knobs, buttons, and Strip Search virtual needle-drop control.

icon Kontrol S4 MK2 NI’s Kontrol S4 MK2 is the first-class controller that delivers an inspiring DJ experience. The S4 combines a premium four channel mixer, built-in 24 bit/96 kHz soundcard, and intuitive interface. It’s the ideal one-stop package for DJs who want pro features, instant usability, and go-anywhere portability.

icon Denon DN-MC6000 MK2 Denon’s MC6000 MK2, icon MC3000, and MC2000 icon are hybrid 4 and 2-channel mixers and MIDI Controllers with digital audio in a slim tabletop design (rack-mount kit included). Built with a state-of-the-art solid steel chassis and premiere sound quality. The mixer options allows for analog or direct MegaSeg digital audio via USB. High resolution 105mm touch-sensitive jog wheels, smooth high resolution sliders, loop in/out, and large cue & play buttons.

icon Mixtrack Edge Mixtrack Edge from Numark is an ultra-thin controller (just 14mm) with integrated digital audio. Includes metal platters for pitch bend, pitch fade, scratch, search, song select, and cue mix. Slick brushed aluminum control surface, and bright backlit buttons. The latest MegaSeg features a custom preset.

icon Pioneer DDJ-WeGO Pioneer’s DDJ-WeGO Compact DJ Controller includes built-in audio, very nice build quality, and beautiful multi-colored jog wheel lighting all in one affordable package. It’s also comes in many accent colors, and works great with MegaSeg.

icon Numark MIXTRACK Numark’s MixTrack Pro II are a controllers in a compact chassis with a familiar layout that works with MegaSeg’s decks and a mixer controls for a easy hands on feel. The center surface includes a mixer section with crossfader, line faders, deck EQs, and more advanced controls for looping and effects. MixTrack connects to your Mac as a class-compliant USB device so it requires no software drivers to work, and USB powers it so you won’t need an external supply. The Pro edition also includes audio outputs.

icon Pioneer DDJ-S1 Pioneer’s DDJ-S1 and DDJ-SX icon are big brothers of the WeGO, featuring solid construction, rack mountable, and even includes a dock that allows your MacBook keyboard to slip directly under the controller. Pioneer’s “P-LOCK Fader Caps” prevents caps from slipping. These MIDI controllers are also hybrid mixers with built-in digital audio via USB, and analog inputs for your mics and alternative sources. Just plug-n-play with the latest MegaSeg MIDI preset.

icon Numark NS6 Numark’s NS6 is a hybrid 4-Channel DJ Controller and Mixer with effects, allowing you to mix external sources with tracks on your Mac. The NS6 platters are responsive, high-resolution, and ultra sensitive touch-activated. MegaSeg’s support for high-resolution 14-bit MIDI communication to the NS6 keeps your mix super tight.

icon Numark DJ2GO With Numark’s DJ2GO you can throw your entire rig into a backpack and have room to spare. DJ2GO is a portable controller that weighs just 13 oz., and provides a familiar layout that includes two platters, a crossfader, pitch and level controls as well as Deck A, Deck B, Master and Headphone gain controls.

icon Shuttle Pro The Contour Design ShuttlePRO V.2 is a controller with assignable buttons and a pro jog and shuttle wheel. It’s perfect for controlling MegaSeg’s cue and full mixer functionality. Download a preset file here.

icon Keyspan Bluetooth The Keyspan PR-PRO3 remote features a 100+ foot RF range, 2.4 GHz dedicated USB receiver, and sends standard Keynote & PowerPoint shortcuts which trigger an instant MegaSeg response. (Enable the remote by selecting the “Use Keynote Shortcuts” command in MegaSeg’s Playback menu.) It also features full mouse movement, volume control, and a geeky laser pointer to boot.

icon Satechi Bluetooth The Satechi Bluetooth Multimedia Remote is an RF-based remote that uses the Bluetooth 3.0 standard and works by sending Mac multimedia keys which are compatible with the latest versions of MegaSeg. It’s compact, lightweight, and has a range of about 30 feet.

icon Satechi Smart Pointer The Satechi SP600 Smart Pointer is an RF‐based (2.4Ghz) wireless remote that comes with a Smart KeyMap software utility allowing ultimate flexibility in custom button mapping to various MegaSeg functionality. It has a 100 foot range (no need to aim), and also sports a built-in laser pointer to entertain your pets.

icon Apple Remote This remote is a generic replacement for Apple's IR‐based wireless control that works seamlessly with MegaSeg. (Other “Apple Remote compatible” remotes work just as well). Note Infrared-based remotes only work when pointed toward your Mac with IR support or a third-party USB receiver. In contrast, the RF-based remotes listed above use Bluetooth or special long-distance radio receivers, so no aiming and works through walls. Most newer Macs don't include built-in IR sensors and requires a USB IR adaptor. Check your Mac’s compatibility and more info on adaptors via this Wikipedia article. In general, we recommend you explore the RF-based remote options above.

USB Trigger from Sensorium The USB Trigger from Sensorium Embedded is a digital input device that can emulate keystrokes from external relays and buttons. If you’d like to control MegaSeg with your own custom buttons or a broadcast control board, the USB Trigger was designed specifically to trigger MegaSeg’s keyboard shortcuts. It features 24 input capability, all via a single USB connection to your Mac. (Use with USB Overdrive to convert signals to keyboard shortcuts.)

SRC-4 from Broadcast Tools The SRC-4 from Broadcast Tools interfaces four optically isolated inputs and four SPST relays to a RS-232 port (connected to the Mac via a USB-to-RS232 cable). MegaSeg’s Events feature includes a special “Insert Break (Serial Trigger)” function that is pre-configured to communicate with the SRC-4, trigger a relay, and wait until it receives a contact closure to continue. You can adjust the Event settings in various ways to interface with a satellite receiver, or use it to trigger any 3rd playback device. We have an FAQ item that discusses this further.

icon Footswitch Controller from MIDI Solutions The MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller allows you to connect any external relay to control MegaSeg, such as triggering a segue to the next song in the playlist. This box uses a traditional MIDI port, so you will need a MIDI-to-USB converter such as the icon EMU Xmidi 1x1 USB MIDI Interface.

Use icon Apple Magic Trackpad Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2 for multi-touch visual beat mixing via MegaSeg’s Wave Viewer. This trackpad supports scrolling inertia for realistic momentum. If your current trackpad feels a bit cramped, or you’re ready to move up from a typical desktop mouse, this is a must have.

icon Expert Mouse Kensington’s Expert Mouse is a trackball that makes it much easier to access all of MegaSeg’s abilities without scooting around a typical mouse. This nicely weighted pool‐sized trackball makes it easy to control your cursor, and you’ll love the weight and feel. The four buttons can be assigned as shortcuts to any keystroke or function.