MegaSeg Is Now AAC Tag Literate

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, Illinois—May 29, 2003—Fidelity Media, Inc. released an update to MegaSeg, their music mixing automation software, that allows it to read the annotation tags of AAC compressed audio files used by Apple’s new iTunes Music Store. MegaSeg could import and play AAC files prior to this update, but without the artist, album and genre information due to a limitation in QuickTime. Also new to this version is a fix for the fade-in/out preferences to work on international systems that use a decimal separator rather than a period, and the Refresh Library command adds a progress dialog while it builds the folder list.

For library organization, MegaSeg has the unique ability to assign multiple categories to a song, and view multiple categories at once using Boolean options. Another unique feature is its flexibility of audio outputs for DJ’s. The user can choose either Discrete Output Mode or the default mode of using two outputs dedicated to preview and program content. This allows MegaSeg to be used without a hardware mixer for a compact setup, or with a mixer for added beat-mixing options.

Automated music scheduling is one of MegaSeg’s most popular features, allowing users to create custom music and video automation solutions. In addition, MegaSeg can generate charts for users to visually determine the rotation and play counts of any track. This helps ensure that play rotations are even and varied hour by hour. Combined with Apple’s bullet-proof Mac OS X, MegaSeg stability is unrivaled, able to run non-stop for months for radio station automation, or a business background music system.

Price and Availability

MegaSeg 2.6.3 is a free update for users of MegaSeg 2.5 and newer. Fidelity Media is taking orders for MegaSeg online at Retail price for MegaSeg is $169.00 USD. Site licensing and volume purchase discounts are available. Upgrades from MegaSeg 2.1 and earlier versions are $49.00.

System Requirements

MegaSeg supports Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 systems with a 400 MHz or faster processor.

About the Company

Fidelity Media Inc. was founded in 1998 with the vision of simplifying music library management and mixing for mobile DJs, radio stations, and other music related industries. The company, which is privately held, has been shipping MegaSeg since 1999. Since then, MegaSeg has become the premiere live music mixing application on the Macintosh.

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