MegaSeg 1.2 Now Available

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, Illinois—November 30, 1999—Fidelity Media, Inc. today announced the release of MegaSeg 1.2 - the new version of the premiere Macintosh DJ Music Automation Software used to mix MP3 and Quicktime music live on your Mac with a simple to use interface. The new demo can be downloaded from their web site, Version 1.2 boasts many new features including a Library Preview function, Fade-In options, In-Playlist song marks, Import/Export Database, FilePlay sound engine option, speed, cosmetic, and interface improvements, as well as bug fixes.

Fidelity Media is offering MegaSeg 1.2 for a special holiday price of $125 through the end of the year. The upgrade is free for current registered users. A demo version is available at

About MegaSeg

MegaSeg is the premiere DJ Music Automation Software for the Macintosh. It allows you to consolidate all your songs on the hard drive of your iMac or PowerBook computer, and then segue (mix) between them for a professional DJ presentation without the need for extra CD players or mixers. It’s a snap to load CD tracks into MegaSeg. With the built-in database search engine and ease of use, you’ll never want to lug CD’s around again! MegaSeg can also play and mix MP3 and Quicktime files downloaded from the internet. MegaSeg is a very reliable way for all Macintosh users to get instant access to their music.


MegaSeg 1.2 is demoware. You may download it and try it for free for 15 minutes at a time.

Press Contact:

Jason Cox
(877) 634-2734

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