Fidelity Media Releases Mobile DJ Software for Macintosh

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA IL—April 20, 1999—Fidelity Media, Inc. today introduced MegaSeg(tm), a revolutionary product available for the mobile disc jockey. Radio stations have used music automation systems for years, and now a system geared towards the mobile performer is available. MegaSeg is the perfect solution for mobile disc jockeys, nightclubs, theaters, home jukeboxes, as well as anyone who wants instant access to their music. MegaSeg is available for a free trial download today at

MegaSeg is a totally self-contained music automation system which benefits from the ease, mobility, and reliability of iMac and PowerBook computers. MegaSeg efficiently streamlines a DJ’s setup. Mobile DJ’s no longer need to transport compact discs and players to gig after gig. MegaSeg instead enables them to put their massive music libraries on their iMac or PowerBook. In a snap a CD track can be directly loaded into MegaSeg. The iMac’s 6 GB drive can hold over 500 CD-quality compressed songs. The result: they can spend less time worrying about cueing up music, and more time entertaining the crowd.

“The simple interface is what makes MegaSeg stand out,” said Jason Cox of Fidelity Media. “You can customize your songs in the database with your own cue-in, intro, segue times, and categories...then find them fast with the built-in search engine.”

During a segue MegaSeg takes care of the fade automatically, which can be set from 0.2 seconds up to 60 seconds (other systems won’t let you crossfade without extra hardware.) An enhanced version allowing beat mixing is expected to ship later this year.

System Requirements

MegaSeg requires a Mac OS-based computer with a 150 MHz PowerPC processor, running Mac OS 8.0 or later, 16-bit built-in sound, and 11 MB free disk space per 4 minute song. (A 6 GB iMac can hold over 500 songs when dedicated to MegaSeg.)

Press Contact:

Jason Cox
(877) 634-2734

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