MegaSeg and N2MP3 Bundle Deal Announced

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, Illinois—March 23, 2000—Fidelity Media, Inc. announced today a special bundle of their MegaSeg DJ software that segues music on your Mac without the need for CD players and a mixer, with Proteron’s MP3 encoder “N2MP3”, which allows you to convert your music CD’s into the popular MP3 file format.

“We feel N2MP3 is the best MP3 encoder for the Mac. It’s integration with the Mac OS allows you to drag CD tracks directly into MegaSeg’s songs folder via the Finder and encoding starts automatically, as simple as copying a file.” said Fidelity Media’s Jason Cox. “MegaSeg and N2MP3 are a perfect combo for digital DJ’s who want the smallest sound files possible.” MegaSeg includes a built-in CD importer that encodes larger 4:1 AIFF format files, but smaller MP3 files allow more songs on your hard drive. MegaSeg utilizes Apple’s QuickTime technology to play MP3 files, as well as any popular format.

The two programs are bundled for $99, while the regular price bought separately would normally be over $200. The bundle and a free demo is available now at the MegaSeg web site,, and will extend through April 30th.

Press Contact:

Jason Cox
(877) 634-2734

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