MegaSeg 3.1.2 Improves Mixing Options; Over 20 Other Improvements

DJ and radio automation software updated with improved compatibility for external mixers and controllers.

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, Illinois—June 9, 2005—Fidelity Media today announced the release of MegaSeg 3.1.2, the premiere Mac based DJ and radio automation software. The free update is recommended for all users of version 3.0 and higher. The new version improves the way Discrete Output Mode works allowing for better compatibility with external mixers and controllers, adds Auto Gain Control to both decks simultaneously, solved an issue with VU meters not registering volume changes under QuickTime 7, and fixes a bug preventing the Insert Media event from working, among 20 other improvements.

Price and Availability

MegaSeg 3.1.2 is now available for $199 from Fidelity Media at, and is a free update for users of MegaSeg 3.0. Users of older versions can upgrade for $69.

System Requirements

MegaSeg 3.1.2 supports all Apple Mac G3/G4/G5 systems running Mac OS X 10.2 or higher with a 500 MHz or faster processor, and a minimum of 256 MB of RAM.

About MegaSeg

MegaSeg is a totally self-contained DJ music mixing and radio automation system which benefits from the ease, mobility, and reliability of Mac computers. MegaSeg enables DJs and radio stations to put their massive music libraries on their Mac and seamlessly segue or beat mix between songs or music videos, trigger sound effects via hot keys, note requests via color coded request lists, cue tracks via a second sound output, create dynamic scheduled playlists, and program timed playlist events. Mobile DJ businesses can use MegaSeg to easily add another system to their growing business, and is a professional solution for DJ’s who need more mixing control than Apple’s iTunes offers. MegaSeg has full integration with the iTunes library and playlists, including compatibly with songs bought from the iTunes Music Store.

About the Company

Fidelity Media Inc. was founded in 1998 with the vision of simplifying music library management and mixing for mobile DJs, radio stations, and other music related industries. The privately held company’s flagship product, MegaSeg, has since 1999 been the premiere DJ music mixing application on the Macintosh.

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