Fidelity Media Releases MegaSeg Mobile/Radio DJ Software Upgrade

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, Illinois—September 22, 2000—If you’re looking for a way to DJ thousands of your favorite songs without lugging around your entire CD collection and a mixer, then MegaSeg is definitely worth a look. Professional and amateurs DJ’s alike will appreciate MegaSeg’s large range of music management tools in a striking, easy to read interface.

MegaSeg 1.4 introduces QuickTime video and Flash animation support for the professional and amateur “VJ”! PowerBook users can even utilize their S-Video output for full screen video displays on a TV or video projector. MegaSeg 1.4 now features a “Voice-Over” option, which overrides the automatic fade out when a track is segued, allowing for play of prerecorded voice tracks or a QuickTime video over the next song in the Playlist.

MegaSeg 1.4 also features powerful music library management tools. A new database format that can organize up to 5,000 media files, and supports multiple folders on internal, external, and network hard drives. In addition to QuickTime 4 support for MP3 ID3 tags, MegaSeg also features its own expanded tag format for the full range of supported media.

The main interface includes many improved touches; including new transport controls, a ‘play-ending’ feature for setting segue times on the fly, Add All/Randomize playlist buttons, and a queue time display.

Fidelity Media is offering MegaSeg 1.4 for a promotional price of $69 through October, or as a free upgrade to registered users. For more information about MegaSeg and Fidelity Media, visit

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